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Are you looking for a peaceful space,romantic,casual and cool off the beaten track in Hoi An? Do you want to discover and experience the charming daily life of Cam Thanh fishing village and it is beautiful Water Coconut Forest? Do you want to try your hand rowing a bamboo basket boat and joining our exciting basket boat race?  Welcome to NIA CAFE & RESTAURANT . For one day you will experience the life of a Cam Thanh fisherman, with activities including traditional fishing techniques and cooking lessons from local chefs of our restaurant. On this tour we provide an authentic social and cultural insight into the local Hoi An way of life and enviroment.

Warmly greeting to  OUR DEAR VALUED CUSTOMER !!!  

Firstly,we are very happy to welcome you guys to our beautiful country !!

- WE ARE a group of professional local tourguides ,grew up together with the same passion in tourism and pround of this beautiful town.

- WE HAVE thoroughness,friendliness,helpfulness and many years of experience in tourism and hospitality industry that can bring to you guys best enjoyable experiences.

WE SPEAK English fluently with the most accurate and interesting informations about history, culture, society and international events .

WE CUSTOMISE every kind of tour to suit your particular individual or desires,so you dont need to worry if you travel with your family or kids .

WE CHOOSE all the best places to take you to,most suitable transportation and other services - EVERYTHING is PRIVATE, SAFE and UNIQUE.

- THE RESONABLE PRICE will bring to you much more than your expectation.

WE WISH you to have the best experiences with us . Hopefully,you will choose us as your local buddy !!

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